• Proud inventors of Ym-Fab Nylate, controls plant and human pathogens.
  • Inventors of our Ym-Fab systems incorporating filtration, automatic dosing and data logging.
  • Future focus, develop clean green disinfectants to control pathogens on fruit and vegetables.
  • Problem solvers, clean up river, dam, bore and spring water used to wash fruit and vegetables.
  • Meeting the needs of Australian Growers in Food Safety and extending Shelf Life of produce.

About YM-FAB

Family Owned and Operated

We love a challenge. Ym-Fab Post Harvest Chemicals was founded in the 1970’s by the late William Bliss. Over the last twenty years our focus has been on treating Post Harvest fruit and vegetables and providing growers with a practical and reliable system to deliver the disinfectant Ym-Fab Nylate. Over the last five years we have devoted time and money into developing new actives as post harvest disinfectants and pre-harvest treatments. The aim of these exciting new actives is to provide pathogen control without harming the environment. Our future focus is developing our Ym-Fab Systems to aid in the reduction of water and energy consumption.

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The Grower

Ym-Fab Nylate has treated many varieties of fruit and vegetables post harvest. Our systems have been in operation for over twenty years and original equipment is still washing fruit and vegetables today. Ym-Fab will provide the grower with peace of mind knowing their produce is being protected by the best disinfectant available in Australia. We don’t just sell a chemical, we look at the whole picture from where the produce is grown, how it is picked, stored, washed, packed and transported. This enables us to give you the Grower the best protection and ensure your produce is delivered to the end retailer safely. Technical advice is available on washing, packing and storing your fruit and vegetables.

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Our distributors have access to chemicals and equipment to treat all aspects of pre-harvest, post harvest, packing and storage.

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