The Philosophy of Wobelea Pty Ltd

Established in 1975 by William Bliss our company is wholly Australian owned and operated.

Trading as YM-FAB Post Harvest Chemicals we are a family business that is committed to producing quality specialty chemicals, equipment and services for the post harvest and water treatment industries.

As the world population increases, so does the consumption of food, water, and energy.

In fruit and vegetable washing – filtration is used to remove dirt prior to chemical disinfection.

Our Mission:- Deliver specialty chemicals, equipment and industry knowledge through exceptional service, products and passion in what we do.

Ym-Fab design, fabricate, install and service a wide range of Ym-Fab systems incorporating filtration equipment.

There are many companies that manufacture individual items such as pumps, filters and control systems. Wobelea Pty Ltd is the only company to effectively combine these skills and produce YM-FAB Post Harvest Systems since 1975.

New technologies are protected by patents in Australia, Japan, USA and EU, plus selected countries in South East Asia. These patents are directed towards new selections of actives and the appropriate pH buffer and control systems.

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