• We select the appropriate combination of pumps, filters and dosing equipment for each site.
  • We have special expertise with chilled and hot water systems.
  • Poor quality water supplies coming from dams or rivers can be treated to potable water standard.


  • Disinfection is necessary to extend shelf life and maintain water quality.
  • Ym-Fab have a range of chemicals to suit every situation in pre harvest, post harvest and semi processed fruit and vegetable production.
  • Effective ORP control requires a steady pH in the wash water.
  • Clobr and HIHO play an important role to control pH and corrosion. Clobr is a powder product which is manually dosed. HIHO is a liquid solution dosed by injection pump into the wash system.


  • Ym-Fab control systems monitor and control all aspects of filtration and chemical dosing.
  • The addition of data logging allows continuous recording for Quality Assurance.